Responsible Travels


Travelling ethically is something we are passionate about. We aspire to travel in a way that makes us proud in every single place we visit. Travelling responsibly is demonstrating respect for the people, culture and environment that you are visiting. To us responsible travel also means that we ensure people who work for us are treated fairly and paid decent amount. When we are taking responsible holiday it means we look after the environmental cleanliness and make sure that we do not disturb the nature.

We have always believed that every place we go to is home of someone else and we should leave it the way we want to find it again. Each one of us has a responsibility towards making such positive economic, social, cultural and environmental impact. As tourism is truly global industry we recognized our duty to operate our tours in responsible and sustainable way. We also try to give back to the destination that has given back to us so much and the community benefits from our visit. We also believe in the saying leave nothing but only footprints and take nothing but photos and we encourage clients to do the same..

There are some policies that we follow

  1. We believe in involving local people as leaders and helpers in every destination we go.
  2. We make sure staff are paid fairly for the incredibly work they do.
  3. We do everything we can do to respect and understand local culture and custom.
  4. We also obey by strict environmental Leave no trace policy.
  5. We recognize the importance of animal welfare and ensure animals are not exploited. We help by providing aids to local school for maintenance.
  6. We distribute books and other items in school.
  7. We are also part of planting trees in Himachal. We believe in eco friendly society and once in year we do the cleaning of the mountains.