Like I said in my previous blog brief eye contact it was only 2 seconds and that was it . We both went our own ways totally in different directions not knowing that we would meet soon and our direction and destination will be same. Holidays were over and it was time to go back home and after a day or two I  received a comment on face book ” HAPPINESS” which made me smile.

Then we chatted for a while over the messenger and then he ( Manu) asked for my number and he called. We talked for hours together on our first call and didn’t felt that it was our first time. He told me that he knew me from last 18 years that We have been coming to Bhagsu but it was unbelievable as i don’t remember seeing him ever.   He told me so many stories of the time we had spent in Bhagsu and I felt as if he knew me in and out completely without even meeting him in person. Slowly we started talking everyday trying to know each other better. He told me he has a company called Manu Adventures ( in Bhagsu . I was fascinated by the name of adventure, so he told me all about his passion and love for mountains. Everyday he told me new story and slowly and slowly I started falling in love with mountains the more I heard the more eager I became to discover it myself. I was an avid traveler but he (Manu) definitely made me fall in love with adventure and trekking in mountains. So I started planning my first ever trek with him . I had no clue what it would be like and had no expectations at all, I just knew Manu that thru FB and over the calls but it felt like I knew him from ages and I was so confident about him that if he is around I can do anything. So we decided for September to catch up for trekking with my sister and her fren I really wished and wanted that my frens Sugandhi , Poonam could join us but unfortunately being in the same school we all could not take holidays together. So I planned it for September but luckily I happened to go to Dharsamshalla before that in August for some family function at Sugandhi’s house and we did go to Bahgsu and got a chance to meet up Manu before September.

Sugandhi and Me

When we met it didn’t seem like it was our first time. We talked for hours, laughed enjoyed and then we came back home. Again over the phone we kept discussing our trek to Triund and I kept asking him if I would be able to do it as I have never trekked in my life and trekking 9 km one day was too much on plate but he assured me that all will be fine and smooth. So rest of the days went in just knowing more about Manu and his love for mountains before we met again in September. To know how was my first ever experience as a trekker you got to wait for my next blog….and with some awesome pics of Triund and us.