New addition to Manu Adventure …after my third meeting with Manu and endless calls he offered me to work for Manu Adventures I was so excited and nervous at the same time as I had no idea what to do but I was in love with his job.  I felt as if someone had offered me my dream job. I started learning how to write emails and respond to clients queries. I started enjoying it more day by day I did everything from sending wrong info to clients, wrong prices,  wrong names as well but i learnt quickly as i had a good teacher Manu. Then we changed the name of Manu Adventures and tours  to Manu Adventures India …that was a turning point of our life new name new beginning.
It was 2nd November  and once again I went back to Bhagsu for celebration dinner with a group from Global Adventure UK who had finished their Dalai Lama Trek with us. I was there with Sugandhi And Shivani. We reached around noon time had our lunch at German Bakery and later spent some time wandering on the streets of Bhagsu ….most of the shops were closed due to cold and there were hardly any people around. Later I went back to room for some rest and they went to sunset point in Naddi to look at the view. Evening back at room we were ready to go to black magic for the celebration dinner. We were too excited …had loads of fun at black magic spent good time there and next day we were back home with a hope to come back soon again.

      In Black Magic
  Fitness plus @ Gym
Ready for Black Magic